At Stampin' Up! 2015 convention everyone received Your Presents stamp set pictured on page 32 of Stampin' Up!'s Holiday Catalog. Below are the two cards we made with it:

Jeannine Tarrio #Yourpresents Christmas Stampin' Up!s

Christmas Card


Your Presents Jeannine Tarrio Stampin' Up!

Birthday Card

As you can see one is a Christmas card and the other a birthday card. This set has lots of posibilities for other cards. Combining the solid stamps with the background stamps gives me lots of combinations using the kissing technique and no I don't mean that you ink your lips and kiss the cardstock!  If you have never done this technique you should try it.

Kissing Technique:  Ink the solid stamp in a lighter color set aside. Ink the image/background stamp in a darker ink, "kiss"  the two stamps together. Now stamp the solid stamp on your cardstock and viola – a two toned image will appear. See the presents on both cards above.