Our second project was a birthday card using the Spirelli technique.  It was a quick and easy card using Stampin' Up!'s Retro Fresh Designer Series Paper. Everyone liked the technique and was surprised how easy it was to do.

Stampin' Up! Spirelli Technique Birthday Card Jeannine Tarrio Demonstrator
For the last project, a Belly Band card using the new Tag Topper punches. My downline, Carrie Arsenault, took over the meeting while I went up to cook dinner.

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Jeannine Tarrio Retro Fresh Spirelli Birthday Card Maine Stampers

Continuing the saga on how events beyond our control can put in a few bumps in our plans, everything turned out okay.  I took the appetizer out of the fridge, set out wine, soda, bottled water, then started cooking. Turned on the water for the penne, started cooking the Vodka sauce, and then turned on the oven to heat the pan for the toasted garlic bread.  About that time my downline, Dallas, came up and asked if she could help.  I told her that I was fine and asked if she wanted a glass of wine or soda, and try the appetizer.  I then put the pasta into the boiling water, added more ingrdients to the sauce and looked at the oven temperature and thought it was taking along time to heat. Oh well, stired my sauce and then decided maybe something was wrong with the oven, so I turned on my upper oven and figured which every got to temp first I would use. Good, I had everything under control, or so I thought. Dallas came over to the stove and asked again if I needed any help and that is when I looked at the oven and notice neither oven was getting up to temp, they just were like in suspended animation.  Then I look at the penne and it had stopped boiling and my sauce was not simmering either, what the heck?  Then I realized I was in trouble! Nine demos would soon be expecting to eat and my stove looked like it died. However, my husband came to the rescue, I explained what happened we turned everything off and then back on, nothing but flashing lights.Then he went downstairs to the electrical box and sure enough the breaker was off.  He flipped the breaker back on and voila everything worked, whew!  Back on track with only about a 15 minute delay.  Oven temp okay I put the garlic toast in the oven and in about 5 minutes the carbon monoxide detector went off!!! Now I did not get stressed as the last time I cooked the garlic toast the same thing happened, only it took us a while to realize last time that it was the carbon monoxide detector and not the smoke alarm.  So, hubby is now heading to the carbon monoxide detector,  thirty seconds later all is quiet. I finish dinner and we all sat down and ate.  End of story!  After dinner I totally forgot about pictures, and everyone headed home.