The first item is a card I received from my friend and customer Carol:


Stampin' Up! Northern Flurry and a Candy Cane Christmas


Here a close up of the detail:

 Stampin' Up! Jeannine Tarrio Northern Frost Snowflake Big Shot 2010 Holiday Mini

Don't you think this is a beautiful card? Carol gave it to me in a unique clear box so the "flower" did not get crushed. This card is gorgeous, however, even if it wasn't, it would still be special because it was handmade. That may seem like a strange statement to add to this beautiful card, however, I was saddened yesterday to receive a call from a dear customer and friend. She was upset because of a letter in the Dear Abby column of her paper. The letter writer said she and her niece had made handmade cards for friends and relatives every year for the past 5 years. She signed herself "blue" because a "friend" sent her a note with a check and told her to go out and buy a real card! The letter writer then called a few other friends and asked how they felt and they agreed. "Blue" said she and her niece spent a lot of time and love making cards for special people each year. This year "blue" asked how to tell her niece that they would not be making cards for the holidays.

Dear Abby responded to return the check and drop the person from her "friend" list. The full article and response is here: Dear Abby on uExpress

So, to everyone out there who wonders whether their cards will be loved or scorned: You can never please everyone, if you made your card with love, then those who have a positive attitude in life will appreciate it. Those who have a negative outlook will always have something negative to say about everything. Some cards are made with the help of children and those are the most precious. Now here are a few more cards I recieved from my friends and I love each and every one of them!! I will mix cards received with my posting up until Christmas. Enjoy!

From Sue:

Stampin' Up! Bells & Boughs Deck the Halls Vintage

From Dianne:

Stampin Up City of David Sanded Jeannine Tarrio


Stampin' Up! Homade Christmas Cards

From Diane:

Stampin' Up! Deck the Halls Christmas Card, Tinsel, Glimmer Brad

Jeannine Tarrio, Manager

Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator