Halloween Trio with Bling

I love the eyes on this Stampin' Up! card.

Halloween Trio With Bling Jeannine Tarrio

Posted on : Oct 25 2016
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Blog posts update!

I have been dealing with a medical issue most of this month and will have minor surgery this week. So I am posting justs cards with no blogging to try to catch up with ideas.


Stampin' Up! Jeannine Tarrio Halloween Textures


Have fun stamping, and remember you can order at my online store 24 – 7, just click on my signature below or on my shop now button.

Posted on : Oct 23 2016
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September’s Maine Stampers Team Meeting Swap – Part Two

We had my Maine Stampers Team Meeting on Sunday and below are the rest of the swaps:


Maine Stampers Team Swap Jeannine Tarrio Stampin' Up! Pamela ElliottPamela E.


Maine Stampers Team Jeannine Tarrio Bethany CrummettBethany C.


Maine Stampers Team Jeannine Tarrio Dallas WilkinsDallas W


Maine Stampers Team Jeannine Tarrio Carrie ArsenaultCarrie A.


Maine Stampers Team Jeannine Tarrio Heather TurnerHeather T.


Maine Stampers Team Jeannine Tarrio Victoria WhiteVictoria W.


Jeannine Tarrio Stampin' Up!  Maine Stampers Team

My swap

Tomorrow a special gift we all received.


Posted on : Sep 13 2016
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Halloween Home and the Boiling Cauldron

Okay, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, after Christmas and Easter.  I remember the days when I was young and we lived in the project and it was beautiful, brand new, clean, large lawns, hills for sledding, and paved parking lots where I learned to ride a bike.  Also a brand new public school.  Across the street was a residential neighborhood with all single family homes.  As Halloween approached, we made our costume out of old clothes, and whatever else we could find, no store bought costumes – did they even have them then?

So, on Halloween we grabbed a pillowcase for a treat bag and off we went, first to the individual homes where they gave out whole chocolate bars, candy apples and popcorn balls.  Then home and empty our haul and back out into the project to receive smaller treats such as bagged penny candy, gum, popcorn and candy corn.  When we got home we could eat several  items and put our pillow cases in the closets, where we could eat some every week. It lasted for 6 months!! So that is why I remember Halloween so fondly, almost everyone participated and put their outside lights on.  We never went to a place without the outside lights on, nor did we think of playing any tricks.  It was all fun. Parents didn't have to worry about their children getting something nasty or dangerous in their treats.  It was not shunned in school, it was celebrated and everyone had an afternoon of playing games, wearing our costumes if we wanted, and sharing treats.

So it is with those thoughts in mind, that I placed my demo pre-order with Halloween sets included. I am going to #bringbackhalloween to remind me of the old days when kids could be kids, we minded our parents, and home was a safe and fun place to be.

Here is my Sweet Home for Halloween with a boiling cauldron inside, yes use your imagination!

Stampin' Up! Jeannine Tarrio Sweet Home Halloween


Another view:

Jeannine Tarrio Halloween in the Good Old Days


Or watch my first video HERE.

I held my phone in one hand while I took the video and hoped it would not be too shaky. Let me know how it was, not enough speaking, lighting?, I tried get the feel of how it looks in a darkened room and in a lighter background so you could see the details. Hope you liked it.

For those who want to know what size the house is, I measure 3 1/2" from bottom to top of peak. Base is 1 1/4" square and slants out to about 1 7/8" square.  Hope this helps.  It really is the perfect size for treats.

Hope you enjoyed today's visit and this post brought back fond memories.

Posted on : Aug 16 2016
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Trick or Treat Bags Stampin’ Style

Below is a treat bag I made using Stampin' Up!'s Sketched Dots Tag a Bag Gift Bags, Spider Web Doilies and A Little Something stamp set:

Jeannine Tarrio Stampin' Up! Halloween

Sketched Dots Spider Doily Treat Bag

This was one of the 3 projects my club members created this month.

Just a few hours left…….


Posted on : Sep 30 2015
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