Aimee’s Rag Bag Tote Using the Stampin’ Up!’s Scallop Square Clear Die

 My granddaughter came over last week and I showed her how to make the Rag Bag Tote. She brought over the fabric she wanted to use and I asked her what size she wanted to make her tote and we figured out how many squares she needed to cut. After deciding the size, I showed her how to use my quilt ruler and cutter to cut the strips of fabric and how to run the fabric through the Big Shot with the Scallop Square Clear Die 9This die is on page 207 of Stampin' Up!'s 2010-2011 Idea Book & Catalog – #115950) and I told her if she needed help with this step to ask – no help needed!

Stampin' Up!, Rag Bag Tote, Quilting, Big Shot, Jeannine Tarrio

When she finished cutting the squares (fabric and batting) I showed her that she needed to stritch an "X" on each square set (fabric outside, batting, fabric Lining) and how to sew continuously without cutting your thread between each square.

Stampin' Up!, Rag Bag Tote, Big Shot, Quilting, Jeannine Tarrio

View of stacked squares waiting to be sewed.

Stampin' Up!, Rag Bag Tote, Big Shot, Quilting, Jeannine Tarrio

After this step was completed, she arranged the squares in a pattern she liked for the front back and sides.

At this point we stopped for lunch. After lunch she began sewing the squares into rows, and then into the 3 main pieces, front, back, and side-bottom-side piece.

While Aimee was sewing the squares and strips, I cut the straps and closure. Straps are 3" x 30" – 2 are needed. and 1 1/2" x 8" for the closure.

Stampin' Up!, Rag Bag Tote, Big Shot, Quilting, Jeannine Tarrio

Once these were completed, Amiee sewed embellishments to the front of her tote As you can see in the picture above.

Here are the three sections before sewing them together:

Stampin' Up!, Rag Bag Tote, Quilting, Jeannine Tarrio

Aimee wanted me to sew the straps as she was not sure she could sew so close to the edge and straight. I did that for her, although I am sure she could have done it. We pinned the straps and button closure in place and she sewed the finishing seam.

Stampin' Up! Rag Bag Tote, Fabric, Quilting, Jeannine Tarrio

The completed Rag Bag Tote! Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial.  Thanks for stopping by my blog and come back soon.

Jeannine Tarrio

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Posted on : Jul 05 2010
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4 People have left comments on this post

Jul 6, 2010 - 07:07:38
Carrie said:

She did a great job – her bag looks beautiful!  I am hoping to tackle one of these by the end of the summer.  I love them!

Jul 6, 2010 - 01:07:10
sabine said:

this is a gorgeous tote bag !!…. I didn´t know you can use fabric in the bigshot…. is this as easy as paper ?  tfs

Jul 6, 2010 - 03:07:04
Jean said:

Yes, it is even easier! You can cut 8 layers of 100% cotton fabirc at one time or 4 layers of Warm N’ Natural batting or equivalent at one time. My granddaughter spent about 1 hour cutting and deciding what she wanted to cut. Then another hour to lay out and sew the “X”. It took her about 5 hours to make her bag and she is just 13!

Jul 16, 2010 - 07:07:33
dianne said:

Jean, she did a great job.  My students would love this project.  Tammy did a tote with summer camp this last week, I wish she had seen yours first.  I'll miss you guys on Monday.  Have fun.  Cards look great, by the way.

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